Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life sucks and a Cool Photographer

I'll start off with the pretty interesting/good news: I discovered this great photographer named Michael Park.
I love this photo because it reminds me of Emilie Autumn's unique look, which is close to my style in many ways:

And this one reminds me a great deal of myself this weekend, trying to deal with all the shit that happened this week:

Anyway, now for the afore mentioned shittiness.
So Thursday evening was going great and all, and then Hexe and I got in a fight with another dog, Hexe lunged to bite and missed.. nailing me HARD in the leg. So I had this crazy deep and profusely bleeding puncture wound. I went straight to student health to get some advice about how to treat and dress it, which they gave me, but then things went worse.
The pharmacist informed me that I was officially no longer allowed to bring Hexe into student health, because several employees reported that she jumped up on them. The woman who wrote the official letter sent it all around student health and then also to a bunch of people on campus who were integral in my being allowed to have Hexe on campus in the first place. It was sent to the ADA compliance officer, the vice chancellor, and the administrative office. She told me that if I ever bring Hexe back there, disciplinary action will be taken.
I was devastated because I really need to bring Hexe everywhere. And then I was incredibly anxious that the ADA compliance officer or the vice chancellor or someone would revoke my ability to keep Hexe on campus. That would be disastrous to my treatment...
On top of all that, I got home to discover that my psychiatrist had quit and was leaving his practice for Irvine. Anyone with a therapist or a shrink of any sort would know how upsetting that can be. Having to start over with a new psychiatrist is very difficult. Often it doesn't work out and in the meantime you lose ground with your therapy. I am super worried about this...

Thank god I am finally caught up in school. It is all that is keeping me going right now. If Hexe couldn't be there too, I don't know what I would do.


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