Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Insomnia strikes again...

I hate the smell of rotting ramen. Seriously, I think it is probably the single worst smell that ever happened. I'm too lazy and tired to take the trash out, especially considering that housekeeping comes in about 12 hours. I have early class tomorrow, so my roommates can enjoy it all morning while I'm gone. I'm an awful person, teehee.
Anyway, pretty lame week. Finals are sneaking up on me, but I still have one midterm to go (asshole). I've been studying pretty hard between bouts of napping and brooding, which are two things that I could be an Olympic competitor in. It's raining outside presently, which just turned my mood around *almost* entirely... It's kind of ruining the usually dismal mood of my blogthing though. I was thankfully able to stock up again on candied ginger and earl gray, nomnom. I also bought these amazing cookies with maple cream filling. Freaking delicious mouthgasm. Apparently blogger's spellcheck recognizes mouthgasm as a word, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
I feel the need to rant about people who talk in study rooms, and the general idiocy of people. I have a lot of work to do. I know that reading is really hard for some people, and really I'm sorry that you have like so much reading for philosophy omg, but please shut the fuck up and actually DO IT. I do NOT care what he was like and what she was like. I do NOT care how gross it was, nor do I care how cute he was. Your inceassant text message key clicking with your perfectly manicured nails is impossibly irritating. Sometimes I can close my eyes and imagine that that clicking sound might really be the crackling of skin as it blisters and fries in the sun, because really that image is the only thing that explains your aboninable shade of tan-orange. The one positive thing I can see is maybe oneday soon you'll lose the use of your fingers due to dabiliting advanced carpal tunnel syndrome. Your gum smacking and tiffany bracelet clinking makes me yearn to be deaf. All I want to do is study, and do you know why? BECAUSE THIS IS A GODDAMN STUDY ROOM YOU USELESS TIMELEECH.
This situation happens everywhere, all over. In my lounge, in the study rooms, in the library, in the university center, in the elevator, in the dining commons, IN CLASS. Fuck you, orange clinky bracelet unnatural blonde clone. Grow some respect for your fellow students, and then immediately afterwards please grow a personality. Nothing sends me into a spiraling depression faster than monotony.

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