Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fishies! And Procrastination

So I have a midterm in a few hours and I also have to find time to write a paper and feed the fish in the lab. In the meantime I decided that I needed some retail therapy... So I went out with Jen (my roommate) and bought goldfish! These are fancy goldfish that will apparently get HUGE. The older fish there was positively enormous and so beautiful. I like fish a lot, they're so relaxing to look at.
So here they are on the way home from the pet store:

The one with the black on it is Jen's fish. She named him/her Trip. Mine is the red/orange and white one. I decided to name him/her (hopefully her...) Ophelia. I'll assume Ophelia is female for now; even though I work with fish I am not very good at sexing them. I can't tell :(

Anyway here is Ophelia:

Trip and Ophelia:

And their lovely tank:

Hopefully these fish live to grow big and beautiful =^_^= If Dylan doesn't try to kill them again. Our last fish was frequently fed alcohol and too much food by my hateful best friend. He's jealous of their swimming abilities clearly.


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