Tuesday, December 8, 2009

OH GOD. I might die.

Finals are horrible. I haven't posted in a long time, and I figure this is pretty decent therapy when I'm stressed.
So, I found the other one! Well, he found me. Turns out I'm not totally alone in this little self created dark corner at UCSB. I'm very excited to share all kinds of music, literature, and fun with a fellow goth =^_^= we're so hard to come by :\
Anyway I didn't get out of my Physics final until 10:30, and I really couldn't sleep until 2. I suppose all I can do is picture the end, and somehow will my brain to work in between.
I really don't belong here. It is so painfully obvious. I'm incredibly jealous of all of my friends who are going abroad. I can't afford it for multiple reasons. I would love to go to Germany, or maybe Ireland. Alas, there is really no room for a study abroad with my major if I want to get any kind of research done. Research is why I sent myself to this awful place, so it would be very silly to give that up. I'm hoping that I'll just be able to travel on my own once I graduate.
I wish I could deliver with some awesome and insightful post right now, but my brain is trying to gear out of Physics and into Organic Chemistry.... So English is totally lost on me right now. I'm so stressed out. I might die.

Apologies for being very uninteresting today.

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