Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post-Halloween Blues

Halloween was quite lovely. I spent most of it with close friends, just hanging out and enjoying the engaging conversation in costume. If you MUST know, I was slave Princess Leia this year.

The costume was a hit among my few friends, and I really loved it. Unfortunately I live in a complete cultural wasteland, as proven by the barrage of questions yelled at me. The most facepalm inducing and drunkenly slurred inquiries included "What movie are you from again?" and "Hey! Gladiator Slut!". It upsets me that so few people could recognize such a pop culture icon; I guess I should have been an animal slut or Lady Gaga if I wanted to be recognized.

Even though my school is full of feckless airheads, I can't help but imagine how much more fun Halloween would be if the out-of-towners couldn't weasel their way into my neighborhood. Then again, giving false directions is really a blast. When I heard "Where is Firebird's or Freebird's or whatever?" and "How do I get to Del Playa?" all I could think of was how this useless directionally challenged day tripper and their cohort RUINS my Isla Vista Halloween every year. This train of thought always brought me to tell them that Freebird's doesn't exist, or that Del Playa works just like the train platform in Harry Potter, and one can only get there by running off the cliffs as fast as possible. I don't think anyone followed my directions exactly... How Unfortunate.

On Thursday evening I intended to participate in the zombie, but run but I was sidetracked by the overwhelming pain and congestion of my nasty sinus infection. Fortunately, I did get to scare the living daylights out of some poor soul who wandered into the kitchenette while I was making soup >:) Bahahaha! I think I make a pretty spooky zombie schoolgirl. Lolz when she said she wanted brains, everyone thought she meant an education! I wonder how horrifying it would be to suddenly sustain a bite from a rabid human...

My little brother was Gordon Freeman from Halflife 2, so adorable


Morgana said...

OMFG THAT'S HOT. Have you ever thought of having a bi curious experience?

I'm up to reliving mine with you, and that costume. Seriously. You can eat out my brains.

Lars Kram said...

You should come to halloween at my school. Everyone here is a movie buff.