Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alright Alright... I couldn't wait.

Halloween approaches! I am thrilled as always, and Halloween has been my favorite evening of the year for as long as I can remember. I miss Trick-or-Treating quite a bit though. Apparently you can't get away with that when you're 20. The last time I went Trick-or-Treating, I was dressed as a winter fairy and I had a wonderful time. I could tell that I was getting on in the years, and that it would be in my best interest to lay the tradition to rest after I was invited into the house of a much older gentleman who seemed to have unsettling intentions. The perversity of the world goes by totally unnoticed by the young, and I often wish I could look at the world the way I did when I was young. UCSB is infamous for its incredible and ridiculous Halloween debauchery. Of course as a Freshmen I looked forward to this, as a long time Halloween lover. I put on my fabulous costume, into which I had poured weeks of effort, only to discover in disappointment that the general uniform of the Santa Barbara Halloween girl consisted of a bra, cheeky panties, an animal headband, and some fairy wings. I wandered around for hours, wading my way through 30,000+ people on Del Playa in a haze of boredom. Crowds are impressive, but they make me uncomfortable. It wasn't too long before I was groped by a stranger (likely someone from out of town) and decided to call it a night. A very uninteresting and incredibly disappointing night.

I considered not going out this year, and opting to go home and give out candy in costume instead of facing the lecherous crowds of drunken creepers and douchebag frat boys who basically took a huge shit on my favorite holiday. Finally I decided to give it another go, settled on a costume, and lined up a few parties.I won't disclose who I will masquerade as just yet; I prefer to leave that as a surprise!
Tonight begins the festivities of Halloween in IV. I will be participating in a Zombie Run on the 6500 block of Del Playa. I think I will portray a zombie school girl. It should be pretty fun, but I've learned to assume that people will ruin anything that sounds fun. Hopefully there will be lots of townies to terrify!

Now for some reviewing.
Usually I am nothing short of irritated when goth becomes the pet interest of the fashion industry, but of course that is a terribly immature way to think. Now that I'm a bit more mature and secure in my sense of style, I have grown to appreciate trends that appear a bit darker than most. If anything, I'm quite flattered! Anyway, apparently dark lips are a big hit this fall. Of course, I haven't seen anyone else sporting them (as I always do) but this presents the rare opportunity to buy quality black lipstick.

As soon as I could, I ordered a tube of MAC Black Knight. Mmmmm! Have you ever seen anything so lovely? I was thrilled! I am pleased to say that I am LOVING it thus far, and highly recommend it for daily use. It has fantastic staying power (especially when used with a long wearing lip liner), and just the precise amount of shine.

Up close with artificial light, followed by natural light (ahhh it burns!). Ignore the complete lack of makeup on the rest of my face :(
Agghhh I need a better camera so that I can really do this.. grrrr... my half birthday was just a few weeks ago?

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