Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Uh oh

Hmmm... No one reads this do they? No matter, I might start posting again. I'm bored and lonely enough to end up here. Generally I only post here when I'm out of things to do, and then I remember that it is pretty therapeutic.

What's new?
-College: UCSB
-Haircut: Sweet bangs in the style of the late Betty Page
-Boyfriend: <3 Leslie
-Fish: Charles

... Not much else. I haven't changed terribly much since my last post. I suppose entering college forces one to do a fair bit of growing up. Aside from living away from my family, not having immediate access to a car, being on a budget of sorts, and having to make tea without a kettle, the mechanical and mundane activities of my life are the same. I attend class, I needlessly stress myself out to the point of illness, I procrastinate, I drink too much caffeine, I neglect my bed, and I miss Leslie.

The first quarter was nothing short of horrific. I was hoping more than anything to get to college and immediately start this grand new life that was entirely in my control. Of course, I was swiftly reminded that tiny microbes have more power over my body than I care to believe.

I am currently avoiding studying for a final tomorrow. I had to take Incomplete grades in my classes last quarter because of mono, and now I'm taking the finals at the beginning of this current quarter -_- terribad.

In regards to my previous post that was almost a year ago:
Yes, I am retarded. He did like me.

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