Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun with chemicals

I would really like to be napping right now, but I have been having a great deal of trouble sleeping lately. I have had the most bizarre dreams! Last week it was the zombie apocalypse, then it was a dream that was basically a montage of pointy things going through the tops of heads, and then the other day my room filled with giant spiders that were trying to kill Charles :( I had to grab his aquarium and try desperately to protect it while the spiders trashed my room! Clearly there is a lot going on in my head, and I need a new outlet for all this angst. I haven't been getting anything done in school lately aside from just keeping my head above water. But of course when I feel unproductive and bogged down by my ever present anxiety, I play with chemicals.
Here is the almost final product:

Ew, poorly lit. Anyway it's a very deep vibrant red/burgundy with bleached streaks that were MEANT to be white. Unfortunately I failed to remember that bleach needs to be applied immediately after it's mixed, otherwise you will come out looking like a very sorry hooker.
The weird orange color actually looks pretty neat with my red, but I will definitely have to manipulate my way into a ride to the nearest beauty supply store in the near future. I'm not sure that I have high enough standing with the people who possess cars to ask for help with this.

The aftermath of this project has been less than pleasant. My roommates don't really have an appreciation for ignoring the rules or skirting around them. In fact, they are pretty miffed about the whole thing. They seemed eager to watch the process, but as soon as it was over they were all upset about some tiny little accidents >_>

Pink shower curtains are cute, right? I don't think so either, but who honestly cares what color it is? Well, I have been informed that the dye looks like period blood. I consequently reasoned that we are all 12 year old girls who have not yet begun to menstruate and we are VERY uncomfortable with this. Very uncomfortable around here lately. I actually think it looks like red hair dye. Now if only I had realized that I should only touch the light switch with red gloved hands when I turn it OFF, then no one would have seen the red smudge. They ought to be worried though, I mean what if the administration were to come after us? How would they ever know who it was that covered everything in red dye? I suppose if this person were colorblind it would be very funny to point at another one of my roommates. Teehee, I'm 12.

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