Monday, January 24, 2011

All Nighter: Part One

So last week I had a disastrous all nighter. It was astonishingly productive mind you, but ultimately irresponsible. The next evening I had a panic attack when I tried to sleep and then a fever came and I slept for 2 FUCKING DAYS with no recollection of anything except people giving me water and sprawling on the bathroom floor. Anyway I don't know if it was a fever flu thing or what, but my curious mind wants to know. And so I am performing another test as we speak. I am all better from the "fever" now and am trying to pull off a successful all nighter to determine whether my mystery "fever" was related.

Um and also because I got behind on work... and Starcraft2.

So my sleeping pill is currently making we feel ridiculous as I take my morning stimulants. Goodness me, I am loopy.

So far I have rehabilitated my blog to please my therapist and possibly my sanity, and come up with a great idea to write a 15 page paper on for Parasitology. More to come on that.

On the subject of loopyness, here is my newest piercing!

Welcome Rook!

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