Sunday, January 23, 2011


My life got more insane since I last used this blog. Too much news to catch up on so from now on I'll consider this a fresh start. Here I am. Deirdre the overly medicated overly diagnosed mess of a college woman. This is my blog. Therapist says I ought to keep one. Sarcasm ensues.


So right now I'm sitting on my bed next to my books trying to calm down about how much catching up I need to do. I was quite ill this week unfortunately. I've learned a lot this week though. About life and death and zergling rush defense strategies. I made the front page of reddit. Hexe (my dog) is now e-famous. How precious.

The daylight continues to bore the shit out of me.

Alright, I'm off to read a whole lot about Eukaryotes and Parasites. Here's a pst on our CCS Bio blog that I made today: Read it


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