Monday, January 24, 2011

All Nighter: Part Two

Alright, I owe any current and future readers an apology for not updating my adventures through summer and Fall quarter. I will take this post to briefly enlighten and provide a few insights from the experience.

After a gnarly suicide attempt in August, I was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward for a week. They tweaked my meds and it was a weird experience to which I will refer from time to time. I drew this while I was in there:

I got out and my doctor wrote me a prescription for a Psychiatric Service Dog. Crazy idea, but so far it is working. Read the IAmA for the full explanation.

I'll include moar pics for the sake of cuteness.

In the summer, shortly after Baele left, I got a new tattoo! Of the octopus I always am in my dreams. It's on my right hipbone.

I was mostly depressed and alone and focusing on therapy throughout Fall quarter, which I took off. But it was not a total loss. Dylan and I saw Combichrist and I met Joe Letz! Quite the gentlemen.

I also got the dumbest goddamned car that ever existed. I bought it from this chick who had it painted HOT PINK and couldn't sell it. It's a 99 Volvo s80 and I got it for only $1500 so I could care less what color it is. Thankfully I have already tricked it out with a Cthulhu Fishy and some choice Sanrio stickers. Anyway I drive this fucking thing. No shit:

Now I am a fulltime student again with classes and lab while being overmedicated and without enough therapeutic care.
So that's me these days.
And now a word from favorite lab subject this week:



Les said...

I doubtlessly object to Hexe not starring in any dogfort comics. You've got a camera and mad photoshop skills. This needs to happen.

Deirdre said...

"dogfort to master, come in master"
*dog fort goes into safe house mode with alarms*